TYLC11 Recap

Our eleventh annual conference,

held on January 24th and 25th 2020, was a huge success! 

By the numbers:​
  • 100 participants (our maximum capacity!) from all over the state of North Carolina

  • 50+ high schools represented; participants from every grade level 9-12

  • 4 incredible workshops:

    • Professionalism with the Poole College of Management Career Coaches​

    • Public Speaking with the Campus Toastmasters Club

    • Flexibility & Adaptability with Multicultural Student Affairs

    • Teambuilding & Communication with the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement

  • 1 amazing Keynote Speaker: Michelle Zechmann, CEO of Haven House Services

  • 18 NCSU Small Group Leaders, 9 Small Groups, and 9 amazing Service Project Prototypes!

  • 2 days of fun and leadership development!

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 2.49.47 AM.png

​Map of TYLC11 participant hometowns

TYLC11 Participant Testimonials

"My favorite part was making new friends and just communicating with people and stepping out of our comfort zone".

"Always love it! Wish I could come back again". -4 year conference participant

"I learned that leaders have many different characteristics and that TRULY anybody can be a leader". 

"The workshops were my favorite part. I enjoyed meeting fellow young leaders and engaging in the creation of a service project".